Class Descriptions

Brave WoD (workout of the day): This is our regular Functional Fitness HIIT class. Get ready to lift, sweat, and have fun.

Brave Body Building is a class focused on one section of the body per week. We slow down the work out to have a granular pump in one area.

Brave Kettlebell Flow. 50 minutes of Kettlebell work. We pick it up at the top of class, get a good flow from movement to movement, then put it down at the end!

Brave Kickboxing Fusion: Gloves on. Gloves Up! we combine HIIT and Kickboxing in this 50 minute class full of sparing and Kickboxing instruction.

Brave Skill and Gymnastics is half instruction, half work out. Our coach will instruct you on a single functional fitness move each class. then you put your new skill to work.

Brave Yoga and Mobility is the perfect compliment to the other Brave classes. Slow down, stretch, and have peace of mind… the Brave way.

All levels are welcome at all classes!