Brave Fitness Code of Conduct

Membership Freeze

Members are only permitted to freeze their account in the event of an injury for a max of 365 days based on a physicians certification.

No freeze permitted for vacation/travel, minor illnesses
Missing classes: members can cancel class up to an hour before
3 missed classes leads to an administrative pause of the account for 2 weeks – you can pay 200kr to buy out of it.
Clip card clips will be used in the event of a missed class.
Health and Safety Policy
The use of mobile phones for making or taking calls or texting & emailing is not permitted whilst using equipment.
Anyone suspected of being in a state of inebriation will be prevented from use of the facilities and asked to leave.
Drinks must be contained in closable plastic vessels.
Bags and belongings to be stored in the locker rooms.
Equipment must not be moved, altered, modified or used in a manner other than that for which it was intended.
Equipment must not be left on the gyms’ floor after use. The storage racks provided must be used at all times.
Users must inform the staff of any changes to their health which would result in a change to their work out response.
Users must abide by instructions related to health, safety and appropriate conduct as issued by staff and must also follow health and safety instructions.
Respect for Others
Users must wipe perspiration and any other marks from equipment after use.
Users must not rest on equipment at busy times except boxes.
Users must not sit or rest on equipment and machines in between reps except Boxes.
Personal Cleanliness and Attire
Footwear and clothing must be clean and free from odors.
Indoor shoes must be clean. No outdoor shoes permitted past the front lockers.
Appropriate exercise clothing must be worn when using the gyms.
No sandals, jeans, or open toed shoes are to be worn.
Use of Brave Saunas must adhere to the specific time limited set by staff.
Personal cleanliness before and after use of Brave saunas is expected.
Dropping weights is a part of the functional fitness tradition. At Brave we have certain classes and specific times when weights can be dropped based on our surrounding neighborhood. Brave coaches will advise you at the top of the class if dropping weights is allowed otherwise, please place weights on the gym floor quietly and safely.
Subscription Policy
Brave members are not bound to an ongoing renewal based membership. Members can choose monthly increments as desired. However please note that the following subscriptions have expirations dates and cannot be transferred to other members:
Clip Cards, Drop Ins, and PT

Classes are to be cancelled if attendance is 2 or less for studio classes and 4 or less for outdoor classes. This cancellation will be notified to clients via text and or email at least 1 hour before the class. Wondr will also be updated to reflect cancellation.

Corresponding subscriptions grant access to replacement classes if valid. For example, a client can attend a corresponding studio class if an outdoor class is cancelled due to attendance when they have the appropriate subscription (outdoor + or unlimited).


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